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First Impressions Improve with Botox®

By now, most people are aware that Botox® cosmetic treatments can help minimize the appearance or formation of wrinkles but how are first impressions affected by Botox treatments? Researchers found that people treated with Botox received higher scores in the areas of attractiveness, dating success, and athleticism. 

Botox works to temporarily partially or completely relax muscle contractions beneath the skin, which helps soften the appearance of wrinkles. In the study, evaluators completed a first impressions survey of before and after photos of people that received Botox and people that had not. Those that received Botox received higher first impression scores in the areas of attractiveness, dating success, and athleticism. The treatments did not appear to affect first impression scores for social skills, finances, or relationship success. Talk to your doctor about Botox and look forward to a refreshed younger looking appearance. Remember, there is only once chance to make a first impression.

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